Make a Noise About Bullying

Key Stage 2 Anti-bullying Workshop

About This Workshop

This workshop gives your students the tools to recognise, report and resolve bullying.

According to the Committee for Children, “There’s good evidence that young people often don’t report bullying to adults. Children are adept at hiding bullying-related behaviors and the unequal “shadow” power dynamics that can exist among them. Because of this secrecy, adults underestimate the seriousness and extent of bullying at their schools.
Schools cannot help if children don’t entrust them with information. So why don’t children report bullying?”

Our Make a Noise About Bullying workshop will encourage your pupils to report bullying in all its forms. The drama role-play exercises will help your students speak confidently about this issue. The workshop activities will encourage your students to support their peers and have empathy and compassion for others.

At the end of the workshop your students will be aware of how challenging it can be for some to report bullying. They will be aware of the signs that a child is being bullied and have the confidence to speak up about any bullying they may witness.

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