All Different, All Equal

Key Stage 2 Anti-bullying Workshop

About This Workshop

This workshop is designed for children in KS2.  Our All Different, All Equal workshop helps children recognise and value difference and to understand that despite being different we can all work well and belong together.

The Guardian reports that a recent survey (2018) by YMCA England and Wales showed that more than half of children aged 11 to 16 have been bullied about the way they look, with 40% targeted at least once a week, research has found. The report findings, state that “comments and criticisms of young people’s appearance have become part of everyday life”, with 55% of children affected. Most of the bullying focuses on weight and body shape, according to the survey, which lays bare the devastating effect it can have on victims.

For Year’s 3-4 our drama role-play explores how children may start to compare themselves to others at this age.

The activities in the workshop will encourage each child to recognise differences and celebrate what makes each of us unique.

For Years 5-6 our role-play develops these ideas further by looking at how social media enables children to start benchmarking themselves against others. The workshop activities will help to remind each child to be proud of who they are.

By the end of this workshop all the children should understand the importance of respecting differences so that everyone feels they belong.

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