A recent survey by Ofsted evaluates the effectiveness of the actions that schools take to create a positive culture and to prevent and tackle bullying.

As members of the Anti-bullying Alliance we were sent a copy of this report as soon as it was published.

We read with great interest the key findings and recommendations. We have considered how our drama role-play based workshops help schools tackle bullying in light of this report.

Some of the key findings and recommendations that stood out for us relate to training for staff and pupils about bullying. It seems that few schools have a clear stance on the use of language or the boundaries between banter and behaviour that makes people feel hurt or threatened. Often the training provided by schools for staff on bullying tends to be general and not always define and explain the different types of bullying that can occur. Some staff had received no training at all on bullying at their current school.

Our specialised drama based Anti-Bullying Workshops will help train your staff and pupils to understand the difference between banter and interactions that can threaten or hurt. We will provide the knowledge, skills and confidence to teachers and pupils about the diversity and the effects of bullying. Through drama role-play we offer a safe environment to stimulate discussion about bullying and then act out ways of tackling bullying with a positive outcome.

If you would like to discuss further how we can help your school please get in touch.

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