For Anti Bullying week we visited over 1,000 pupils across the South East delivering our workshops to primary schools. The theme of this years Anti Bullying week was #ChangeStartsWithUs, spreading the message that a small change can help with tackling bullying.

Anti Bullying Week 2019

We delivered over 100 workshops to Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. We were very excited to even be coming back to the same school for the second time. It was exciting to see some familiar faces, refreshing the children about the key messages within our workshops. On Tuesday it was Odd socks day which meant that children were encouraged to wear old socks to school accepting each others differences and that we are all unique! We were lucky enough to be with a school in Harrow who fully embraced Odd socks day every child wore a pair it was fantastic to see! We posted a fun video to get involved with Odd socks day on our social media pages did you see it?

We received great feedback from the teachers and the children after our workshop. One teacher commented that they were particularly impressed with how our workshops scored the correct balance between being fun and engaging as well as  informative. We are currently working on developing our next stage of workshops focusing on children’s mental health week and creating a safe internet space in February 2020.

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