How are Anti-bullying workshop different?2019-11-08T23:59:06+00:00

Our workshops are designed to get everyone involved.  All pupils and staff will take part in the workshop so that by the end of the process everyone should feel confident that they know what bullying is and have acted out, in a safe environment, effective strategies for dealing with bullying if it occurs.

What is the structure of the workshops?2019-11-08T23:59:23+00:00

Each workshop begins with a discussion about bullying in general terms and to explore all of the different types of bullying.  This discussion is followed up with drama role-plays.  Pupils and staff work in small groups with our facilitator to ensure that everyone takes part.

What age groups are the workshops designed for?2019-11-09T00:01:57+00:00

We specialise in delivering workshops to primary schools.  Some of our workshops are designed specifically for either KS1 or KS2.  Most of our workshops are adaptable for any year group in a primary school setting. 

How much does the workshop cost?2020-10-16T16:41:57+01:00

Outside of November*, a full day package that allows for 5 workshops is £399.  This covers one facilitator working with groups of up to 30 pupils at a time.

*5 Workshops during November are £499.

Is there any follow up after the workshop?2019-11-09T00:02:26+00:00

The workshop facilitator will provide your school a comprehensive resource pack of further class work to stay focused on tackling bullying after the workshop.

Who are Anti-bullying Workshop?2020-10-18T08:17:20+01:00

We have successfully delivered anti-bullying workshops to thousands of children and their teachers.  We have developed effective strategies for helping pupils and teachers tackle bullying in all its forms.  We specialise in delivering workshops to primary schools, however most of our workshops are adaptable to any year group. 

We are core members of the anti-bullying alliance.  Membership of this growing network of specialist practitioners ensures that we stay informed on the key issues around bullying that effect schools and allows us to contribute to best practice in tackling bullying.  

We also operate a sister company – Spotlights Theatre School.  Our theatre school delivers professional training to thousands of young people in drama, dance and singing.  We have used our experience in teaching performing arts to develop a range of workshops to help schools tackle bullying in a fun and creative way.

How do I book an Anti-bullying workshop for my school?2019-11-09T00:03:20+00:00

To book a workshop please call 0800 160 1991 or email info@antibullyingworkshop.co.uk

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