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United Against Bullying (KS2) Workshop

We have a new United Against Bullying workshop for Key Stage 2 ready for anti-bullying week 2020

The ‘United Against Bullying’ theme promotes the shared efforts we can all make to achieve a shared goal. We all have a part to play in coming together to make a difference.

Our new KS2 Anti-Bullying Workshops will explore what being united means. We will ask your pupils to share if they feel that they are doing everything they can in their school, to prevent bullying. We’ll ask them to consider if there’s anything more that could be done. By the end of our workshops, your pupils will have a better understanding that we all have a role to play in reducing bullying in school and online.

Our drama role play activities put your pupils front and center of the action. They work together in small groups on scenarios that help them to recognize bullying, how to report it, and who to report it to. The scenarios also help the children understand how to resolve bullying issues. Of course, bullying is a serious issue, but we find that by engaging the children in a fun and interactive way, they learn and retain the messages we teach them.

Please get in touch to book this workshop for your school. Book now by calling 0800 160 1991 or email info@antibullyingworkshop.co.uk

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